Hey friends, how great is the need for financial education in our country? Our schools? Our homes? 

I attended a class for my business this week and was startled to learn the stats of worldwide financial literacy.

Top 10 Most Financially Literate Countries (%)

  1. Denmark: 71%
  2. Norway: 71%
  3. Sweden: 71%
  4. Canada: 68%
  5. Israel: 68%
  6. United Kingdom: 67%
  7. Germany: 66%
  8. Netherlands: 66%
  9. Australia: 64%
  10. Finland: 63%


The crazy part is that same class taught us also that the US has the largest concentration of wealth of any nation.

Imagine how unstoppable we would be as a nation if we armed our next generation with the fundamentals of how money works and basic financial education.

Imagine if every high school student learned the principles of entrepreneurship and the power of MULTIPLE income streams?!

This is our mission at Lisa Williams Co. We will be 7 figure givers in our lifetime and we are locking arms with like minded families to join us in that mission. 

You need to generate to be generous friends and that starts with learning the basics.

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Bringing Wall Street to Mainstreet Workshop – Monday at 12noon Pst and Saturdays at 11am Pst 

  • Learn how to use insurance as a tax free investing strategy
  • Where the wealthy put their money…you can too!
  • How to get out of debt and pay yourself first
  • Get clear on your financial goals and learn to give your money a job so it’s working for you while you are resting.
  • Learn about the concept of a “Family Bank” and how to retire in the 0% tax bracket

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Millionaire Meetup & Marketplace with Lisa’s mentor, Loral Langemeier

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Blessings to you in this amazing life journey and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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