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Why Does Protecting Tomorrow’s Personal Finances Matter?

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 Have you noticed how many posts you are seeing about GoFundMe accounts lately? 

This sounds like a morbid topic I know, but I am on a mission to be one of the reasons GoFundMe accounts are no longer necessary in our country! 

People have insurance on everything these days. Their homes, their cars, their TVs and even their phones! But guess what so many people forget…what about insurance on their most valuable asset? Their own two hands! 

I know what you may be thinking…oh, I have it with my employer. But guess what happens if you lose that job? No more life insurance. 

Some people think, oh I will get it eventually…but then bam! 10-20 years go by and what you could have put in place for pennies on the dollar is too expensive. 

Do you know how very cheap life insurance really is? Most people can get life insurance for much less money than their car insurance. 

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Next question…if you DO have life insurance, do you have the old kind or the new kind? Do you have the type that only benefits your family if you die? Or do you have the type that benefits your family if you get sick or injured?

I hope these questions get your thinking and you take action to protect yourself family. 

I am a wealth educator and one of the ways I serve my community is protecting the foundation of their wealth with life insurance. 

I am teaching a class Saturday @11am Pst all about this topic. Opt-in in to join us.

Protect your wealth by protecting your health!

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