Do you own power over your money and the taxes you are paying or have you put that power in the hands of the IRS? 

Are you a faithful servant over your finances? 

Do you give your money a job? Money is like a teenager…if you don’t give it a purpose it may disappear and get your family in trouble!

Many people think getting more money will be the answer to all their problems. In reality, if you don’t understand how money works, it doesn’t matter how much you accumulate as it will still hold dominion over you. 

If you do not truly understand what you have now, how will you manage and control more?

You cannot want a rich man’s abundant life and have a poor man’s mentality. 

The first step is understanding where you are today. What is your financial freedom or independence number? Every one of us has one and yet most have never taken the time to understand theirs. 

By the way…I am NOT talking about getting a financial advisor. I had two of those before I became a financial educator. 

Both were very nice people but they never taught me a thing. They TOLD me what they thought was best and got paid whether my money grew or lost in the market. They also never told me about certain tax free investment strategies because they didn’t understand them and were not licensed to sell them. Strategies that beat the S&P 500 by almost double over a 20 year historical look back by the way! 

It’s not their fault. The financial services industry is the oldest most stuck up industry in the world run FOR the wealthy 1% population BY the wealthy 1%! They have quotas and are obligated to sell certain products. I know this world well as I have recruited in it for 25 years and am one of those 1% myself. 

I don’t say that to brag but I am proud of the fact that I grew my wealth as a single mom for some time by educating myself. Anyone can do what I have done. Will you?

It’s about time change happened in our country and the power over money was put in the hands of families. Our mission is “no family left behind” and we are doing it through financial literacy! 

If you would like to know your financial independence number, schedule time for a no-cost financial needs analysis. We also host classes on a variety of topics every week.

The goal is to plan where your money goes instead of wondering where it went! 

Schedule time here with Lisa!

To achieve your financial freedom, you must know your current financial situation. Once you have a realistic picture, no matter how good or bad, it takes three essential elements to move forward. You must decide to have power over your money, commit to change, and take action to achieve your plan.

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Wall Street to Main Street:

This week’s class is “How To Be a Financial Black Belt” (even if you aren’t wealthy)

– successful strategies for everyday people

– what you should have learned in school about managing money

– managing EFTs, Mutual Funds, Stocks, IRAs and more!

3/6 Tax Write Offs for Business Owners/Power of Schedule C 

3/13 College Planning and Seasonal FAFSA 

3/20 Student Loans/Federal & Private 

3/27  Debt/Credit Cards/Debt Stacking and the Credit Game

4/3 Power of Zero -How to maximum a 0% Tax Strategy 

4/10 Real Estate and Interest Only Loans- beating inflation and maximizing net worth. 

4/17 401Ks/403bs/457/IRAs and 529s the Tax Deferred Retirement accounts 

4/24 Key person policies, Buy Sell Agreements and Employees Compensation Programs 

12 weeks – 3 month Rotating cycle. 

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