I attended a bootcamp this past weekend and they challenged us to look back and recall some of our “badass moments” then record them and share with the world. We all have these moments that define our lives in a very big way and yet so few of us take the time to remember and celebrate them.  

This year has thrown us all for a loop in many ways and I know if you think about it, you’ll find many badass moments in your own life, just this year alone.   I’m making a pact with myself to be more purposeful about celebrating these small wins in life that can define us in such big ways if we let them.  

So here’s one of my “BADASS MOMENTS!” 

I got married when I was 22 years old one week after I graduated from college. I met my Prince Charming in my junior year of college and we were engaged in two months! We got married for all the right reasons and had an amazing 6 years of marriage. We had our first son and he was born 2 lbs 14 oz! My hubby could fit his wedding ring on three of his tiny fingers. He was so little! When Cameron was born we were told he had a 50% chance of survival but that every day, those odds increased. My faith is the biggest part of my life and no matter what the doctors said, I knew my son would be okay. He spent eight weeks in the hospital…one of the most heart wrenching periods in my life. But one of the happiest days when we got to take him home one month before his actual due date! He’s now twenty years old and in his third year of college. You would never know that his life started out in such a scary way. I share this as it was the first kink in what I realized later was the beginning of the end of what I believed was my “perfect” marriage. 

Three years later, I found myself a single mom of a three month old and a three year old. We had tried to make our marriage work for a couple of years. We went to counseling, we had our beautiful boy Connor, but we couldn’t seem to find one another again. 

We went to counseling for 2+ years but ultimately my husband decided he wanted out.  Shortly after we started the divorce process my hubby told me he had started dating a very good friend of mine. I don’t know when the relationship started, but the betrayal I felt was profound.  I was thinking…all those years of counseling, was there actually a third person in the room I didn’t know was there?   I remember when he told me it was serious. I realized: oh crap, this is something I am really going to need to process and get past if I am going to put my children’s needs and their happiness first. I am going to be a Divorcee…good grief! I was embarrassed, I was ashamed, I was the first person in my whole family that had ever been divorced. 

For anyone that has gone through a divorce, it really is like a death. Except the relationship/person you are mourning is still alive. If you have kids, that person will be in your life for the rest of yours, most likely. At least I hope they will, if you are planning to put your kids needs first. I viscerally remember those times when I would escape in my closet so the boys wouldn’t hear and I would cry and scream at God. I was his good and faithful servant and I did not know WHY this was happening. I did continue to believe that his plan was good for my life and that He could use ALL things for good. I did a ton of work on myself the next few years. I found an awesome counselor and figured out what my part in the breakdown in the marriage was…I definitely played just as big a part as my husband had. 

I was only 32 years old and I knew I wanted to get married again. I knew I had better get rid of any baggage I didn’t want to bring to a new relationship. I met my current husband Paul a few years later and I’m blessed to say we have a crazy blended family that we co-parent together with my ex and my friend that he married. We both have daughters and our girls call one another sisters. We celebrate holidays together, have family dinners, and even go on vacations together.

I have these things in my life because of the power of forgiveness that God blessed me with and the abundance I’ve received is the result of it. It took time to find this peace in our lives. It was very hard and yet it was the good kind of hard…the kind that when you make it on the other side, the blessings waiting there are more than you could have imagined.  My boys have 4 committed parents who adore them and work together for their greater good.  None of this would have been possible if not for the blessing of forgiveness.  This “BADASS MOMENT” has defined my life in too many ways to count.  


Talk about a “BADASS” woman…my new friend Christina Martel.  Christina is an amazing woman of leadership in her community and has created too many interactions of herself to count!  Her recent venture has taken her into the world of Insurance “Taking Clients from Medicare Hell to Medicare Heaven,”.  Enjoy our conversation!

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