I was in my corporate job for 25 years. I was living the life! Making multiple 6 figures, kids in a bunch of activities, date nights on Fridays, great home, building my retirement….all the things society tells us to do in order to have a happy life.

I am not saying I wasn’t happy, I was. But I was not living my God given purpose.

I was not living a JOY FILLED LIFE.

I was on the hamster wheel of routine and can’t recall the last time I had learned something new or stretched myself outside my comfort zone.

Praise God for waking me up to the reality that he meant MORE for me.

When I hired myself and left my corporate life it was one of the scariest things I have done. My dad didn’t understand initially. I know mom was cheering for me in heaven.

There were so many things in my corporate life I complained about every week. I decided to stop being that example to my kids.

Every day is an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and find our purpose.

When was the last time you were uncomfortable?

Perhaps it’s time!

I’d love to meet and help you explore what else in life may be ahead for YOU!

I had an opportunity to interview an amazing young woman, I had an opportunity to interview an amazing young woman for my Corporate to Entrepreneur series, Ms. Jen Morilla. When she lost her Irish twin, Louie, she also lost her taste for life and went numb. She eventually used that pain to catapult her career from Corporate into her passion and joy in life through traveling and bringing clean water to underdeveloped countries.  Some of the things I loved our conversation.

  • She’s 31 and still calls her mom every day. Oh, how I wish I could call my mom every day.
  • She gave herself a goal of 8 months to exit her Corporate job and started her dream as a “temporary local” which she shared on her blog.
  • If you find there is an idea you are in love with, and you can’t stop thinking about it, what is stopping you from achieving it?

Enjoy my interview with Jen!

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