March 19th we were celebrating my middle son’s birthday and celebrating life with our crazy blended family. There were discussions about the COVID-19 virus…at that time we were not calling it a pandemic. The kids were about ready to go on spring break and we were talking about whether they may be off another week to allow time for the virus to subside. Ha ha! 

Obviously the kids didn’t go back to school that year and every aspect of our life is no where near back to normal. There has been a lot of talk about the “new normal”. I want to focus instead on what is the “next normal.” 

This may be the first national crisis you have lived through as an adult. If you are like me you have seen the following:

1990 – caused by savings & loan crisis and impacted a lot of new grads like me!

2001 – caused by .com BOOM and subsequent BUST in businesses

2008 – worst financial crisis since 1929…I personally lost 38% in my portfolio like most families!

2020 – Covid-19 Pandemic

Friends…does history repeat itself?  You bet it does.  


This pandemic has unleashed changes that seemed unthinkable just a few months ago. In February 2020, it seemed unthinkable the entire white-collar workforce of many countries would soon be working solely from home. It seemed unthinkable air travel would plummet by 96%. It seemed unthinkable millions of migrant workers in India would be forced to undertake a herculean exodus, walking thousands of miles to their home villages.

As you know, at Lisa Williams Co, we are on a mission to empower, equip and inspire 1 million people to hire themselves! Every conversation we are having is helping people on that journey to do just that. 

I had a brilliant conversation with a new friend Paul Capozio recently.  Paul spent many years in the staffing and HR world like myself as President of Tri-State PEO and now owns and operates Capco Capital Inc. an investment and consulting firm. 

With numerous family members suffering from developmental disabilities, autoimmune diseases and his own battle with pain and blood pressure he made it his life’s goal to not only find solutions but make health his Business. 

“if you make your passion your source of income then you can devote a great deal of time to what drives you” That’s Success! – Paul Capozio

Paul is definitely one that is leading the charge for the “next normal” and I am thrilled to call him a friend and business partner.

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