Hey friends…did you feel like you were robbed this year?  I got to see a good friend yesterday that I hadn’t seen in a few years and we spent much of our time reminiscing about our dear friend Elizabeth that had lost her battle to cancer in February.  Covid robbed us of the chance to celebrate her life together so we decided to take the opportunity on her birthday Dec 28th to ask all our friends to share some memories of her.  One thing my mom taught me well was the best thing we could do to honor those we loved and lost was to keep their memories alive by talking about them. 

This has been a year of loss for many.  Lost jobs, lost marriages, lost loves, lost lives.  One thing I learned from that loss is that when one door, relationship, or opportunity is closed, multiple doors open.  We do have to look for them though!  I wanted to share with my community here about my best friend and all the many things she taught me.   Elizabeth was 48 and the mother of 4 kids under 16 when she lost her 5+ year battle.   

“I know I am not alone in my misunderstanding about the loss of Elizabeth Emmons Meier. I know my life is just one of many she impacted in this world. It has been painful, but so uplifting to hear the many ways she touched people’s lives and wanted to share some of the ways she forever changed mine. 

Elizabeth came into my life in a very challenging period when we were both single mom’s with two little ones each. I showed up to her house with a bible in my hand to join her single parent bible study and was desperate for someone to really understand what I was going through as a scared, single mom. Boy did God deliver when I met Elizabeth. 

She taught me so much about grace and forgiveness during those early years of our friendship. She is one of the reasons I have such a great friendship with my ex husband to this day…she told me I HAD to forgive him and most importantly I had to forgive myself for my part in the end of my marriage. 

We were blessed to know one another during that period of falling in love again and yet knowing this time was different as we had two little lives that would both be impacted by the choice we were making. The day that Mike joined that same bible study I had attended was another way that God showed up big time. Those two and their “blended blondes” created a family life like few I know any of us have seen. I will forever be grateful for the joy you brought to my sweet friend’s life, Mike. 

One of the gifts Elizabeth had was making each of us feel like we were HER special friend. She had such a way of listening like you knew she really understood you. She was also not afraid to call you on your shit. One of the things I miss most about her is the calls we would make to one another about things we were struggling with…kids, blended marriage struggles, work and the list goes on. We had an agreement to always be honest even if it meant getting our egos wounded a bit. She was such a good listener. She would let me vent and then ask “are you asking for my advice or do you just need me to listen?” She was wise beyond her years and made me want to be a better me. 

Elizabeth made me laugh so much. Sitting across from her for 8+ years with Kforce were some of my best days. She had such a gift of words and sarcasm and that southern accent that she managed to make a little stronger to charm her clients was infectious. What fun we had on our lovely girls weekends away and all the fun book club parties. It’s not ever going to be the same without her but we have continued to celebrate life with others like she taught us so well. 

When Elizabeth was diagnosed over 5 years ago she immediately went into warrior mode. She wore the full armor of God until the day she died. The lives she touched at UCI oncology ward during this horrendous battle are too many to count. I remember when the cancer came back the first time and one of the first things she said to me was “I guess God’s not done with my missionary work at UCI yet.” WOW. 

I know I am not alone in remembering the many caring bridge posts that she wrote that uplifted us and made us laugh. This sweet woman, who was battling to keep meat on her bones, would write something that made me laugh and cry at the same time and always was anchored in her deep seated faith in God’s GOOD plan. Although Elizabeth didn’t get the miracle of healing on this earth we were all praying desperately for, her legacy has gone on in each of us. I know the rest of my life I will ask myself, “what would Elizabeth say? And think “Elizabeth would love this!” 

I don’t understand why her life was cut short, but what I do know is that she will continue to show up in each of our lives. God will continue to deliver and I know from the depth of my soul that he has already started to create something powerful from the horrible loss of our sweet friend. 

I am planning to continue to remember and talk about Elizabeth and share her amazing life with others that may never have even met her.  The loss of her life has propelled me to serve others in ways I never imagined.  She forever changed my life and I am so grateful to know with certainty I will see her again in eternity. 

I had an opportunity to interview a new friend this week that has a tremendous story of overcoming incredible loss and through that loss finding the TRUE path that God has been preparing her for her whole life.  

Angela Legh (pronounced LEE), is the author of Bella Santini in the  Land of Everlasting Change. After losing everything in the fires in Northern CA a few years back, she found herself through that loss.  When Angela isn’t dreaming up dragons, monsters,  and other magical beings, she gratefully wanders through the sumptuously  beautiful woods and meadows of the Cotswold area of England or the beautiful desert of Arizona.  Angela is very  much in touch with her inner child and finds that she cannot walk by a swing  set without stopping to play. 

Enjoy our conversation friends and know I am praying for you all to find ways to allow whatever loss you may have experienced this year to REFINE you, NOT DEFINE you.  

Listen in here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1293983
Or if you prefer to watch, click here: https://youtu.be/x2Tb6XP8_qw

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