Are you winning at the credit and money game?  Unfortunately the reality is most families are NOT and we are on a mission here at Lisa Williams Co to change that.  I had a chance to attend a great class on this topic this weekend and wanted to start this series by sharing some of the highlights:

  1. First things first…create an empowering mindset around money
  2. Next, develop a holistic approach to getting out of credit card debt and student loan debt and STAY out of debt – using a debt avalanche or debt snowball approach are great tools we teach about
  3. Mastering Credit 
  4. How to LEVERAGE your credit to save $$
  5. Anyone can develop this skill set…imagine the concept of learning a new skill.  You usually aren’t great at it at first but through persistency and consistency you BECOME great!  

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Join us on our mission “no family left behind” which we are doing by arming families with financial literacy. We host classes every week in our “Bringing Wall Street to Main Street” on Saturday at 11am Pst/2pm eat.

This week’s topic: “Using the Power of Permanent Insurance to Build Your Personal Tax-Free Family Bank”

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Wealth Minded Mastermind – Fridays at 12noon pst

  • Grow your mindset learning from world class mentors
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  • Grow your relationships with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Grow your network with connection tools we share every week
  • Grow your marketing for your business with trips and tricks from experts
  • Grow your skills where it comes to money with our money mindset and education work

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Bringing Wall Street to Mainstreet Workshop – Monday at 12noon Pst, Tuesday at 6pm Pst  and Saturdays at 11am Pst 

  • Learn how to use insurance as a tax free investing strategy
  • Where the wealthy put their money…you can too!
  • How to get out of debt and pay yourself first
  • Get clear on your financial goals and learn to give your money a job so it’s working for you while you are resting.
  • Learn about the concept of a “Family Bank” and how to retire in the 0% tax bracket

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Fearless Women in Business! Thursdays at 12noon pst

Are you a network marketer, direct seller or business owner looking to grow your Recruiter Mindset in 2021 and do more intentional marketing?  My friends and I hosted a fabulous workshop last month on this topic and decided to continue this topic and others on Clubhouse.

“Fearless Women in Business”

Learn from the fearless women in business and the amazing men that support them every week to “Create Your Own Stimulus Check!” 

We are using this event to support one another in business but also support a fabulous cause as well, one of my favorite ministries, Fearless Women that is combating the plague of fear and anxiety in women as well as the rising suicide rate in our country.

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Millionaire Meetup & Marketplace with Lisa’s mentor, Loral Langemeier

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