We have all heard the concept of “abundance” mindset versus “scarcity” mindset. It’s a concept that may seem overused by many but I have come to realize it’s the core to any truly successful business builder. 

Some may think, “well it’s easy for them to be generous. Look at all they have?” My observation though, is the most generous people actually were ALWAYS like that, well before they had any monetary or recognized success in society. 

Here is a concept for you…GIVERS GAIN! Since I entered this world of business building and entrepreneurship only a few short years ago I have been absolutely blown away by the generous nature of others.  In corporate, the reality is that most people that are employees are an overhead, we are an expense.  Even myself who was paid 100% commission the bulk of my career was ultimately an expense. We are paid wages, commission, benefits, vacation time and the list goes on.  Inevitably, when companies suffer, it’s the employees that ultimately typically suffer the most. 

We’ve seen this first hand with the volume of families impacted by layoffs during this Covid Crisis.  It’s even more important these days to create alternate income streams for our families and provide ways to create our own economy.  

I had an opportunity to interview one of the most generous people I’ve met recently for our Dream Big Nation Podcast.  Alec Stern is the co-founder of 8 companies with several exits including one he’s probably most well known for Constant Contact  Alec was one of the original 3 that created this amazing email software in an attic, spent 18 years building the company and was part of the $1.1 billion buyout.  Alec is known as America’s start up success expert, but I personally like his description, “he is a serial entrepreneur who likes cereal.”

After our interview I asked Alec to review our platform at Lisa Williams Co. and he not only reviewed it but spent an over another day going over his suggestions about how we could make it even better.  Talk about the generosity of a billion dollar deal maker!  

Enjoy our conversation!

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Hey all you Fearless Women! We are dealing with tremendous anxiety and daily challenges in our world right now that I know are hard to overcome at times. I have felt it personally and see it in the eyes of my own children and clients every day. What I do know is that when women unite to support and encourage one another we are a force to reckon with. I have the amazing good fortune to invite you to a generosity project we’ve created for YOUR benefit! Our aim is two-fold: 

1st is to give to you. To fill you up and teach you skills to grow and manage your finances, uplevel your relationship with money and create YOUR own economy.  We are on a mission to empower, equip and inspire 1 Million people to “hire themselves”. 

2nd To give to a charity called the Fearless Women Organization https://lnkd.in/g8JmZ7p 

who are on a mission to educate and empower women to use the tools they are given to find victory over their struggle. Opt-in here and join us!


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