In my journey through this abundant world of business building and entrepreneurship, I’ve noticed a common thread in many of the people I’ve met.  Often there is a tragedy in their lives that has shaped them either long ago or recently that has propelled them to make an impact in a different way than others have or THEY once had.  I’m fascinated by what causes some people to never recover from a tragedy and others to continue to use it as their fuel to progress in life.

Why do we witness two people in nearly the identical situation and one never recovers and allows that event to define the rest of their lives and others to use that occurrence as a catalyst for change?  Is it the old glass is half full or half empty mindset?  I was born with a “glass is overflowing” attitude which I know for sure has served me well.  Is it purely a nature versus nurture thing then?  I think not.  I’ve seen too many times that the odds are stacked against someone and they rose to great accomplishments, wealth and abundance in life.  If one person can change their destiny, I believe that means any of us can.  There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind!  

I had the blessing to hear from a woman that truly defines the Tragedy to Triumph story.  Cynthiaa Delaney is the founder of a movement called Self Made Woman.  Cynthia is a self made woman herself having graced the stage of countless sold out auditoriums as a life and business coach and is always focused on a win win for everyone. She had a great tragedy at a very young age that changed the directory of her entire family’s life but has not allowed that even to define hers.   

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