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She turned her nervous breakdown into a nervous breakthrough! Christy Boulware, founder of Fearless Women

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In this episode, Lisa Williams interviews Christy Boulware, Founder of Fearless Women.
In 2011, Christy suffered a nervous breakdown caused by severe panic and anxiety disorder. Her pain turned into purpose, and the non-profit organization called Fearless Women was born. Christy Boulware is the founder and president of Fearless Women. Their mission is to equip God’s people with the tools necessary to overcome fear and anxiety.  

She is a contributing author of:

  • Stand Fearless Devotional
  • Wise Women Pray Wise Prayers
  • Unafraid Devotional

And the author and creator of the Fearless Impact Bible Study video curriculum. She leads the way in her community with The Awakening Women’s Conference and The Wave Fearless Teens Camp. She travels to speak and shows up virtually to teach wherever she is called. She is happily married to the love of her life, Troy. They have three beautiful children together.

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