Do you dream about the day your kids will be able to stand on their own two feet financially? ?

Do you wonder if you’ve taken the steps necessary to prepare them for that day??

My middle son Connor got what he calls “his dream job” two weeks after he graduated high school. 

This is the same kid that almost didn’t graduate!

He’s working at Sony Pictures as a production assistant making live action video games. ?

He gets gourmet breakfast and lunch food trucks that visit every day. ?

There are many college grads that would kill for this opportunity. 

What did Connor do to qualify? He is the nephew of an executive at Sony?

But he also works his tail off in most everything he does.?

He is becoming a man of his word more and more every day.

He is a good friend.

He tells it like it is.

He knows his self worth.

He is learning good money rules.

He is learning to leverage his social market.

He is being rewarded in the marketplace as a result of this! 

And he bought his mama lunch this week. 

Are you arming your kids with the fundamentals of financial literacy and good money rules? 

If this is a goal for you, we can help! 

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What rewards will you get as you start to become financially educated and help your kids do the same?

You will have plenty of money at the end of the month.

You will be debt free. 

You will gain the knowledge to arm your kids with the power to thrive when it comes to money.

You will understand your own “financial freedom number!”

You will have the ability to afford more as you learn your own “money rules”

You will be able to buy yourself treats and celebrate holidays without stress because you’ve worked those things into your budget of paying yourself first by saving!

You will start to ask yourself, “what can I afford?” versus telling your kids “we can’t afford that!”

You will learn to RETIRE in the 0% tax bracket so you don’t have to worry as taxes rise in the future!

You will be confident that your retirement accounts will not plummet with the next downward market correction.

You will have peace that your family will be financially protected, God forbid anything happens to you in the future and you can’t work or worse case scenario you pass away.

You will be able to afford college for your kids without burdening them with a huge student loan at the end.


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