I never expected to find myself a single mom of two little boys at 32 years old. I was fortunate, as I was a good bread winner and always knew how to make money but I didn’t necessarily know how to manage my money.

If you are living in Southern CA like me, and quite frankly many parts of the world these days, living on one income is tough. I started by taking a serious inventory of what I had and getting clear on what I was spending (I am embarrassed to say how much Starbucks was getting every day!)

I had been saving my whole life since I was offered my first 401k at 18, but had to divide that in half with my ex and knew I had some major catching up to do. So I got to work. I worked my tail off through the grief of my divorce. I made a lot and saved a lot.

15 years later and I was fortunate to have accumulated a personal net worth of almost $2 million. Me. Not my new husband who I adore and makes just as a big a contribution to our home as I do, but ME!

That’s when I started my own company. I figured if I could do that working for someone else, imagine what I could do working for myself, creating my OWN economy! I don’t share this story to brag although I am very proud of what I was able to accomplish. I share this because I know it’s possible.

If one girl from Alaska with a basic psychology degree can do that…imagine what YOU can do if you set your mind to it! There is nothing more POWERFUL than a made up mind.

Wherever you are in life, if your situation is not the ideal one you pictured when you were dreaming about your future self, make a choice to change it today! I would love to help you on that journey.

I had an opportunity to interview an amazing woman who found herself in a similar situation quite unexpectedly and WOW did she make a choice to make a different life for herself and countless others in the process!

Cynthia Kersey was a high ranking exec at a global telecom firm but found she was lacking joy in her life. She has always been inspired by the stories of great people and decided to make that passion a reality and became the bestselling author of two books, “Unstoppable”​ and “Unstoppable Women”.

Cynthia is the Founder and CEO of the Unstoppable Foundation, whose mission is to ensure that every child on the planet receives access to the life-long gift of education.

I learned so much from this woman and I know you will too!

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