Have you felt yourself growing apart from your partner as you grow in your entrepreneurial journey?

I started my business very part time, on the side, 3 years ago and was actually introduced to the business from my husband Paul.

His friend thought he would be great and instead Paul recruited me.

He was a supportive spouse from day one but always said, “this is your thing baby.”

Most of my effort has been shifting this employee mindset of mine to an entrepreneurial mindset. 

MAN IS THAT HARD! But it’s the good kind of hard!  The kind you work up a sweat doing but know the hard work is going to pay off big time.  

Sometimes it was fast and sometimes it was slow but I began to see the shift occur.  

As I grew, I began feeling more and more disconnected from my hubby.  

I was growing into a new vibration and he was staying level at the one before.

Then we went to a life changing event with John Maxwell.

John Maxwell helped us both see that if we are not growing together, we are growing apart. 

Paul decided to take a leap into the uncomfortable zone with me!

The part we both learned is although we are building a business together…the best part is:


In my nearly 30 years in business, there is nothing more rewarding!

Do you struggle in the connection between your life and your entrepreneurial journey?  

We are blessed to be part of a community of out of the box thinkers creating change in business and relationships and can help you with that!  

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What rewards will you get as you build your business TOGETHER and not APART?

Unlimited time to enjoy all the activities your kids are doing because you are not stuck at work

Living a laptop lifestyle…I love to travel and I bring my business wherever I go!

Unlimited income…if you pick a business where there is a strong demand and limited supply you will always produce revenue

“Mail-box” money…as you grow your business, you will start to get paid for work you did long ago and build a family legacy.

Truly grow into the person you were meant to become TOGETHER!

Create an amazing example for your kids

Live your best life

Here are Lisa Williams Co

We believe in giving people the tools to dream bigger.

We believe in providing an example of possibilities for our children.

We believe in stepping into our God-gifted roles.

We believe in creating our own stimulus checks.

We believe in multiple streams of income.

We believe in never living paycheck to paycheck.

We believe in celebrating lifelong learners.

We believe in training the 99% to think like the 1%.


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Blessings to you in this amazing life journey and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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