I don’t recall exactly when it started but it was around my first or second week of college. I had battled my weight my whole life starting as a little girl. One of my earliest memories of abnormal habits around eating was hiding a bag of Oreos in my closet and eating them all in one night. Looking back I think it actually started when my mom and dad separated and I desperately needed something I could control.

I have never been obese but I have played the yo-yo game with my weight my entire life. In college I gained the typical freshman 15 and remember coming home that first year and going out late with some friends and splurging with a midnight run to McDonald’s. I had been drinking and didn’t feel the greatest and felt a little sick anyway so decided to try and get sick. Huh?! Wow! I realized I could actually get rid of all the late night splurge at the same time. It started with that one time and I recall using that habit off and on for many years.

When I got pregnant with my first son I realized that was not going to be very good for my sweet baby boy on the way and stopped cold turkey. Isn’t it funny how we will continue with a life threatening habit for years not caring about the effects it may have on our health but then cam stop immediately when it comes to someone we care about!?

I managed to stop this horrible habit for the bulk of my pregnancy but when my sweet boy decided to come 12 weeks early and 2 lbs 14 ounces, I found the habit started again. I’m ashamed to say, I’ve used this horrible tool for years as an adult. I would go for months without purging, then suddenly something would happen that would set me off on a binge and I would go for a couple days in a row.

I thought I had mastered the battle and then my sweet mom and best friend died in the span of 10 months. Wow! Right back to my old pattern of binge and purge. I have been praying to be released from this habit for years and I know I will stop eventually. I have too many plans that God has been preparing me for to be held back by this horrible health debilitating habit. I ask of all of you my faithful friends, to pray for me to be released from this as well. I’d love to hear if this is a challenge any of you face or those that you love do so I can also pray for you.

I had an amazing conversation with a new friend who is helping me on this journey to recovery. Gabe Cox is a business and mindset coach and fellow author from the upcoming Lemonade Legends anthology, coming out in 2021. (If you missed our recent guest appearance on the magazine, view here https://issuu.com/michelle-lemonadelegend/docs/oct_magazine_lisa).

Gabe and I connected on so many levels. Our battles with eating disorders, our high-achiever mindset, our mama-hood and deep seated faith in God’s good plan for our lives. Check out Gabe’s book and also her amazing way that she is help her community at http://www.redhotmindset.com/mindovermarathon.

Enjoy our conversation!

Listen to our conversation here.

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