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Must Know Financial Habits You Need Yesterday!

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Hey friends are you where you thought you’d be financially at this stage of your life?   Do you have a goal to get control of your financial roadmap in 2021?  Covid threw many families into a situation where they have been forced to pivot into something new and finances have taken a major hit.  The reality is this is not the first crisis our country has faced nor will it be the last.   

We are teaching successful strategies for everyday people.

We’d love to have you join us this week and share with your community and your colleagues that could use the help as well! 

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This week’s class is about the “Financial ticking Bomb” waiting for you in your 401k, 403B, 457, IRA…all those deferred compensation plans that most people have in corporate America, education and government jobs. 

Let’s create our own economy and become our OWN Stimulus checks my friends!  

Can’t make the class Sat @11 am Pst but want to join in the series? 

Opt-in here:

Wall Street to Main Street:



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