Did you ever take that class, “what am I meant to be when I grow up?”  If you’re like me you went to college, landed in your career by accident and found fulfillment. 

God willing, you grew in knowledge and provided a nice life for your family.  At some point, you may have looked in the mirror and thought, hmmm…is this all I am meant to do? 

You may have the golden handcuffs of corporate America and wonder, how could I possibly start again?  Perhaps you always dreamed of making the leap into entrepreneurship?  Maybe you were like me and never considered the thought of “hiring yourself” and yet life threw you a few curve balls that caused you to contemplate the next chapter of life and what purpose you were meant to fulfill.

After 23 years in recruiting, I looked in the mirror one day and realized I couldn’t remember the last time I had learned something new.  I had worked for years building a company’s dream and realized I had forgotten mine.

Have you ever heard of the cash flow quadrants? Read a book by my mentor, Sharon Lechter if you haven’t, called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  If you are ready to step away from the employee sector, trading your time for money, into the business owner quadrant where your money works for you, our programs at Lisa Williams Co can help.  

Through our Dream Business Launch, Wealth Minded Women and Journey to Financial Wellness programs you’ll explore the vast world of home based business pursuits and your income will never again be in one basket.

We cover many industries…financial services, real estate, crypto-currency, forex, health & wellness, CBD, mental wellness, retail, affiliate marketing, network marketing and the list goes on.  There are countless ways to make money in our world today and we are on a mission to empower, equip and inspire 1 million to hire themselves! 

We believe God’s plan is BIG for your life and that you should imagine dreams so big that when you accomplish them only God can get the credit!

My original business was financial education and that topic will always be at the core of everything we teach.  Financial wellness is key to success in any business.  Understanding how money works is imperative.  

Our firm is dedicated to the memory of my mom, Sue Wiese, and my friend Elizabeth Meier who I lost in the span of 10 months.  They lived their lives with purpose, a heart for serving others and were lifelong learners until the day they went to heaven. 

I am making sure I live the next chapter of my life with intention, purpose and discovery. My prayer is that our company can help YOU do the same!

I had a lovely chat with a new friend, Ms. De De Cox this week. Talk about new chapters in life! She wrote a book in her 30’s and finally decided to publish in her 50’s and has become the #1 best selling Kentucky Romance Author. Enjoy my conversation with de de Cox! 

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Wealth Minded series January 2021 Kickoff starts Friday Jan 15th. This 12 week series will take you through a journey of 10 home based business pursuits with visiting mentors like Loral Langemeier, Zondra Evan’s and Alec Stern, America’s startup expert!

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What will the workshop teach you?

How to develop a recruiter mindset and attract the right partners to your business

Learn your duplicatable business system and how to apply recruiting that works for your style

LinkedIn by Lisa – learn from a professional recruiter how to use this powerful business marketing tool – An untapped market is out there for you to meet and partner with

Define your niche market

Messaging that will be engaging and effortless 

Why and how you should focus on recruiting UP!

How to develop an attitude that you are looking for the people looking for you

Three powerful styles of recruiting you’ll learn: 

– professional recruiting, 

– social media marketing, 

– warm market recruiting   

The Millionaire Maker Game

If you’re looking for a fun game to teach your kids how the money game works, check out, The Millionaire Maker Game, from one of my mentors Loral Langemeier.

Loral is teaching our kids to change the financial landscape of their future!  

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or needs throughout the week. If you need time with me, pick a good time on my calendar but I will make myself after hours as well as always. 


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