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Money Rules You Needed Yesterday For Your Financial Success

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Do you have money rules that you live by when it comes to investing? I had an opportunity to join my mastermind on a retreat this week and one of the speakers introduced this concept that was new to me. The fundamental concept is that if you don’t have rules about money and control how you use it and how to invest, YOU will not be in control, your money will control YOU. 

Let me share the first five with you today:

  1. Cash flow – how will this investment affect your cash flow? This includes your income today, your income needs in the future and the gap between those.
  2. Liquidity – when do you get paid? It could be short term (6 months- 1 year), mid range (1-5 years), long term (5 years+)
  3. Analyze your current allocations and ensure it fits with your overall strategy…ie insurance, stock market, real estate, oil/gas, crypto etc
  4. Investment Objective, ie cash flow or appreciation
  5. Determine your time involvement- will it be passive or active?

I so encourage you to examine your own money rules and if you are married or in a business partnership, review with your partner. The key to success with investing then is once you determine those rules, be sure you stick with them! 

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