Would you agree we ALL want our kids to be better off than we are? We want them to accomplish all they are capable of, never stop dreaming, be inspired by what they do, make a fabulous living and find joy and fulfillment in their profession. Is anyone else frustrated by the mainstream “math” they are teaching our kids? I was very good at math in high school and can’t say that I used much of it in real life unfortunately. Do you know they are only required to teach basic financial education in 5 states in our country? They teach sex ed in the majority of the states (a good thing for sure) but the fundamentals about how money works in only 5 states! 

Is our country getting dumber about money or smarter in your opinion? I love when I see something that helps our future generations.  I am so excited about this new book coming out by one of my life mentors, Loral Langemeier who will be teaching our kiddos her “Millionaire Maker Math”. Get on the wait list and let’s work together to make our kids lives better and teach them the fundamentals they need to win at the money game!


I had an opportunity to meet a fabulous trainer in the space of shifting your mind around money this week. Deb Erickson is a Business Mindset Expert, Neuro Trainer, and founder of ICAN Institute Inc., a training company dedicated to helping Network Marketing and Direct Sales professionals free themselves from the mental and emotional limiters that hold them back from success – shifting them into confident, inspired selling and recruiting action, increased income, and sustainable business growth.

Deb’s passion lies in developing and delivering neuroscience-based training that helps women step out of their comfort zones and into their own greatness, helping them achieve massive business success and gain personal freedom to live the life of their dreams. Enjoy! 

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  • Introduction to 10+ “business in a box” options you can start part-time enabling you to build another income stream…we think every family deserves the freedom and security from knowing their income is diversified.

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