Lisa Williams

Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer

Hey Friends!! I am Lisa Williams: Entrepreneur, Wealth Mentor, and Chief Inspiration Officer at Lisa Williams Co, creator of the Perfect Side Gigs program. 

What the heck does all that mean?
Well before I share with you, let me tell you a bit about my journey and how I got here…

My Story

I am an Alaska girl born and raised…yep grew up with a fishing pole in my hand!

I’m the oldest of two and have fabulous parents that poured belief in me my whole life

I left Alaska at 18 and went to school at Western Washington University

I was born and raised Lutheran and fought my parents tooth and nail, like most kids, to go to church, but had an experience in college when I attended a retreat with my friend (thanks Lenae) and Jesus became my personal friend and confident and remains so to this day.  My faith is the biggest part of my life and I always look for the commonalities in all faiths.

After graduating with a degree in Psychology I landed in a role as vocational counselor helping injured workers get back to work.

I moved to CA with my future ex-husband (amazing father of my two boys) in 1996 and landed in the lucrative career of technology and financial services recruiting where I spent 25 years.

I have 3 fabulous kiddos and have been blessed with an amazing blended family with my ex-hubby, his wife and my incredible man.

That’s when I started my own company. I figured if I could do that

Working for someone else, imagine what I could do working for myself, creating my OWN economy! I don’t share this story to brag although I am very proud of what I was able to accomplish. I share this because I know it’s possible.

If one girl from Alaska with a basic psychology degree can do that…imagine what YOU can do if you set your mind to it! There is nothing more POWERFUL than a made up mind. I’m excited to help you on the journey to your own financial freedom!

Who Am I?



We exist to find you the
Perfect Side Gig

A Lisa Williams Co.

Business Builder & Matchmaker

I’ve taken my 25 years of recruiting and have shifted from recruiting for a job to recruiting and matching people to a lucrative business that can provide the time & money freedom we all crave.  We live in the most lucrative country in the world and there are so many ways to achieve financial freedom. We believe every family should have at least 1 additional income stream!

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Wealth Mentor

I never expected to find myself a single mom of two little boys at 32 years old. I was fortunate, as I was a good bread winner and always knew how to make money, but I didn’t necessarily know how to manage my money.

I had been saving my whole life since I was offered my first 401k at 18, but had to divide that in half with my ex and knew I had some major catching up to do. So I got to work. I worked my tail off through the grief of my divorce. I made a lot and saved a lot.

15 years later and I was fortunate to have accumulated a personal net worth of almost $2 million. Me. Not my new husband who I adore and makes just as a big a contribution to our home as I do, but ME!


I always knew God’s plan was big for my life.  I was blessed with a genuine interest in people and their life stories…how could I put that to use?

After spending 25 years in a corporate recruiting career that blessed my life with financial freedom, I looked in the mirror one day and realized I had stopped growing.  I was no longer inspired by what I was doing. I was tired of corporate politics.  More importantly the clients I was serving seemed to be lacking passion in what THEY were doing.

I knew I wanted…

  • To use my gifts to their fullest ability and grow into the person God meant for me to become
  • Help others dream again and find their true gifts in life
  • Be an example to my kids of a mom that never stopped growing and learning
  • To have no cap on my income
  • To create time freedom in my life
  • To be my own boss (I had 19 bosses in 22 years at my last firm!)
  • To have an income that didn’t rely on my two hands alone…I wanted an income producing asset
  • To continue my passion of traveling the world and meet amazing people

I realized that none of those desires would become a reality if I didn’t take a gamble on myself.  I left what I thought was a stable career but was really just a crutch holding me back from truly living the life I was meant to live.  I made the brave leap to “hire myself” and haven’t looked back since!  My favorite part is I am on a mission to help others do the same.  Most of my friends thought I was a bit crazy but I realized I would never be truly happy if I let the opinions of others dictate my life. This is what has led me to live the life I was meant to live as a business builder, matchmaker and wealth mentor in service to others!

Our mission at Lisa Williams Co is to bring joy and passion to people’s lives through the principles of business building and entrepreneurship.  The pillars of our firm are faith, family, finance and “Filanthropy”!

The “why” behind my own shift is simple.  I was living life less than I knew I was capable of living. I have been through challenging adversity in my life as we all have and have seen first hand how God has used that adversity for my ultimate good.  I was meant to use my gifts to help others discover theirs.

I believe God’s plan is limitless for our lives.  Every time we learn something new, take action and apply that knowledge, we get closer to the person we were meant to become!

Our firm is dedicated to the memory of my mom, Sue Wiese and one of my dearest friends, Elizabeth Meier

We lost both of them to a horrible battle to cancer in the span of 10 months.  These were two of the most inspiring and God loving women on the planet.  They lived their lives with purpose, a heart for serving others and were lifelong learners until the day they went to heaven.

I won’t know until I am up there with them myself, why they are no longer with us, but I will make sure that I live the rest of my life with intention, purpose and discovery. I will grow into the women I was meant to become and my prayer is that our company can help others do the same!