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Illuminate your financial roadmap.  Whether you are going from debt to wealth or diversifying your asset buckets, we can help.   Whether you start in debt or simply want to make your money work better for you, we can help create a sustainable savings, and build your family legacy.

We believe in never living paycheck to paycheck.

Are you winning at the money game?  Do you hear about others using the Rich Man’s Roth, Syndication Real Estate, Crypto currency and Other People’s Money, Energy, Ideas and Audiences to grow wealth?  Do you have lazy assets that could be working better for you?  Did you have a 401k that turned into a 201k in 2008?  No one cares about your finances more than you…we will give you the tools to multiply your wealth!

Do you know your financial freedom number?  Did you even know you have one?  Do you have lazy assets working much better for the banks and financial institutions than for your own family?  If you are like most people, you are on a road trip to retire at some point, but you have no GPS to get there.  You just need a little help with mastering the money game.  You may love your corporate gig, but know your money could be working better for you than the traditional 401k (should be called a 201k).  

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You could be ready to exit corporate and want to understand financially what it really takes to make that brave leap financially.  If you want to exit the corporate world and go into business for yourself, we give you the tools to understand where you are today financially and most importantly where you are going.

No one cares about your finances more than you do.  We teach many concepts around wealth building such as “Debt to Wealth, Become Your Own Bank, Retire Tax free, Real Estate Syndication, Crypto-currency investing, Solo-K  and ensuring your Total Financial Care Package is in place.” 

Price: $2997


Step #1

Understand your finances and your potential before you even get started.

    • Find your “Financial Independence Number” – what you need to live off interest alone.
    • Discover ways to make your money work for you.
    • Address your fears and negative feelings about money and finances.

    Step #2

    Take proper steps to make your money work for you.

      • Consolidate and plan to eliminate your debt.
      • Build savings and create an emergency fund.
      • Protect against loss of income.

      Step #3

      Take action! It’s time to confidently step out and start a business that increases your cash flow.

        • Earn additional income, manage expenses, and reduce taxes.
        • Build wealth that outpaces inflation.
        • Preserve wealth and build your family legacy.

        After 3 months with this
        program, you will have:

        A clear view of your finances

        A roadmap to financial freedom

        Milestones and goals

        Ideas for cash flow

        A toolbox for investing, planning, and saving

        Answers to your most burning financial questions

        A handle on your debt

        Guide to taxes

        Information about insurances and your will/trust

        Financial hacks to increase your savings

        Peace of mind that you are on your way to financial freedom

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