Journey to Financial Wellness

Break financial chains and prepare to go into business for yourself.

If you want to exit the corporate world and go into business for yourself, you HAVE to understand how money works and how it can work for you. No one cares about your finances more than you do.

Set Yourself Up for Financial Freedom

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Find your financial independence number.

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Make your money work for you in smart and simple ways.

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Set yourself up to build and preserve your wealth.

Achieving Financial Independence

Make a money plan that leads to freedom.

Launching your own business sounds like a pipe dream. But, what if you could set yourself up financially to quit your 9 to 5 grind with confidence that you will be financially stable and successful?

My 3-Step Journey to Financial Wellness program sets you up to take the business leap with a giant safety net. You don’t have to risk it all to go out on your own. We do the hard work to set you up financially first. That way, launching your business is a piece of cake.

Step 1: Build your foundation

Understand your finances and your potential before you even get started.

  1. Find your “Financial Independence Number” – what you need to live off interest alone.
  2. Discover ways to make your money work for you.
  3. Address your fears and negative feelings about money and finances.

Step 2: Prepare for your success

Take proper steps to make your money work for you.

  1. Consolidate and plan to eliminate your debt
  2. Build savings and create an emergency fund
  3. Protect against loss of income

Step 3: Launch your financial plan

Take action! It’s time to confidently step out and start a business that increases your cash flow.

  1. Earn additional income, manage expenses, and reduce taxes
  2. Build wealth that outpaces inflation
  3. Preserve wealth and build your family legacy

Journey to Financial Wellness Success

In 3 months with this program, you will have…
  • A clear view of your finances
  • A roadmap to financial freedom
  • Milestones and goals
  • Ideas for cash flow
  • A toolbox for investing, planning, and saving
  • Answers to your most burning financial questions
  • A handle on your debt
  • Guide to taxes
  • Information about insurances and your will/trust
  • Financial hacks to increase your savings
  • Peace of mind that you are on your way to financial freedom