Did you lose money in the 2008 crash like most people? If you had a retirement account when the market crashed that year you lost 38% practically overnight. My hubby and I both lost! Some people panicked and pulled what they had left out and didn’t get to experience the subsequent rise the next 12 years. We rode the wave back up but it took a few years to get back what we had lost. 

We have now experienced the longest running bull market in the history of mankind. Do you think there may be a correction coming? It’s one thing I love about finance and historical data. Numbers don’t lie and patterns repeat themselves. The question is will you be ready for the next plunge in the market? 

The good news is there are products available in the market that benefit the consumer when the market goes up but protects their money when the market goes down. It’s called private placement life insurance or Indexed Universal life. I like to call it the Swiss Army knife of investment products. 

The world of investing in insurance products was a new concept to me 3 years ago but it doesn’t take long to learn. This tool plays a major role in helping the wealthy keep getting wealthier and we think everyone should learn these skills. These products are available to everyone! My kids all have them and are already saving for retirement. As soon as a baby has a social security number, you can start saving tax free for their future! 

By the way…I worked with two advisors previously and neither of them shared with me this incredible

way to save for the future tax free, get a great rate of return and ZERO market loss. It’s not their fault. They are not educated about these products for the most part. They also aren’t paid as much on life insurance sales as they are assets under management. 

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