Did you ever make one bad decision that led to another, that led to another and before you knew it, you didn’t recognize the person looking back in the mirror?  I think we all have something from our past that when recalled we cringe a bit.  The crazy thing about looking back in time, especially when it comes to memories of a challenging or painful period, is that every time we remember it, it amplifies that memory even more and often exaggerates it. 

I knew when I met James that he had a back story.  I thought we were going to be talking about his drug addiction and path to recovery.  Boy was I in for a BIGGER story.  He started with drugs and found it was a slippery slope into the world of pornography where he spent a significant period of his life.  I am constantly amazed at the ability people have to overcome adversity and move into a place they can use their story to impact the lives of others.  James is doing that in a big way. 

As a mom, I was picturing the young James just out of high school, desperate to find his freedom and willing to try anything new to create change in his life.  My own boys 20 and 17 could be him. Any of our children could.  It was a wild ride of an interview and such an amazing example of the resilience of the human soul.  

Enjoy this enlightening conversation with my friend and fellow entrepreneur, James LaRusso.  He hired himself a long time ago, but decided to REHIRE himself in a much more positive way in the next iteration!  

Enjoy our conversation.

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