Hey friends, as we wrap up this crazy Covid year I bet you are all looking at final year end income and wondering what happened?!  Many families were faced with a layoff or business that closed and had no choice but to pivot.

Others are working from home, find themselves spending less and their bank accounts are fatter than they’ve been in years. They may be really enjoying this new work from home option and dreading to get back on the busy freeway of life.  This too shall pass friends and eventually we will be back in offices and moving into our next normal post-covid.

I hope all of us are evaluating what went well this year, what wins we had, what things we learned and what things served us and what we need to release that didn’t serve us.  

I personally took a good look at my year end income and realized it was time to officially incorporate!  It was scary at first as I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  So I asked for help.  I got three different opinions from people I trust that have done this before and educated myself about all the options available.  

Guess what?!  Everything I learned showed me even greater and greater benefit to incorporating.  This video share all the many advantages of starting your own home based businesses.  

Already have a business but haven’t officially incorporated.  This SHOULD be the year my friends!  A friend of mine, DeAnn Chase is hosting a webinar this week that can help.


Just some of the many advantages I learned:

W2 vs corporation

40-50% tax brackets 81 pages of tax deductions

401k Solo 401k/Roth/IUL/PPLI

Vacation Business trip you can write off

Debit & credit cards – BAD debt Debit & Credit Cards – Critical 

Retirement (wait to die) Freedom Day (what’s your #?)

File Taxes April 15th Multiple year end tax filings!  

What are you waiting for friends?!  There are 1000s of ways to create home based businesses…franchise, network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct selling, referral partnerships.  

Looking to move from that employee or self-employed quadrant with one income stream to Business system owner and investor quadrant?  

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