When I first started down the path of my entrepreneurial journey I didn’t truly know what I would be doing.  I only knew that I had been in my corporate career for 25 years and had hit a turning point.  I looked in the mirror one day and realized I couldn’t remember the last time I had learned something new.  I was starting to think…God is this all I am meant to do with my life?  

When I purposely started to explore the answer to that question I found this abundant world of big picture thinkers, innovators, authors, speakers, peak performance living and I have never looked back.

Many entrepreneurs use their story as a digital business card in a sense.  They say that every one of us has a story in them and the question is how many will you actually share your story with?  I had the privilege to be part of an anthology of fellow authors last year and I’m excited to share a sneak peak, preview complimentary copy for our tribe today only!  

My topic was the Power that Forgiveness has given my life…here is a sneak peak…”I’ll share something a little more personal here, but again, it’s a really important part of who I am and what has brought me to the point I’m at today. Shortly after we decided to end our marriage, Curt told me he had started dating a very good friend of mine. I don’t know when the relationship started, but the betrayal I felt was profound. I remember when he told me it was serious. I realized: oh crap, this is something I am really going to need to process and get past if I am going to put my children’s needs and their happiness first. I am going to be a Divorcee…good grief! I was embarrassed, I was ashamed, I was the first person in my whole family that had ever been divorced!”

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I’d love to hear how forgiveness has touched your life and a bit about your life story.  Message me!  

I had an opportunity to interview a fascinating young woman this past month and am excited to share her story with you.  Ellen Yin is the founder of Cubicle to CEO, an online membership teaching

service solopreneurs how to make their first $10K month – without a large audience or posting every day.  She also happens to have a passion for financial literacy which you know gets me really excited!

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