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Here’s What You Get:

  • One-On-One Mentorship & Guidance

    8 course module on mental toughness, principles of entrepreneurship, leadership development, business plan creation, exploration on what may be holding you back, recruiting, social media marketing and business expansion.

  • We'll Find You The Perfect Side Gig to Match Your Interests

    You’ll be introduced to multiple business pursuits, an explanation of why their product or service is just what the consumer wants or needs, how their business runs, their simple to follow steps to success and their leadership program. Each vendor partner also has a leadership team in place that we are partnering with to ensure our candidates success.

  • Access to Our Powerful Network of Entrepreneurs

    Once you’ve started your side gig, we’ll place you in a private Facebook group with other side gig workers to help you continue to connect, network, and grow.

Don’t Let Fear and Doubt Keep You Stuck

Find a Gig Opportunity and Resources to Get You Up and Running

Discover Your Passion

Success depends on choosing an opportunity where your passion and talents intersect. Lisa and her team help you find the sweet spot for a side gig that makes your heart sing.

Shift Your Mindset

Learning to think like an entrepreneur is critical; you break free of an employee mindset. Our tools help reshape your thoughts and actions to give you the confidence you need to start and grow your business.

Achieve Your Dreams

Success is yours for the taking. You have the right opportunity, mindset, tools, and resources to live the life you’re dreaming about.