Hey friends! Have you ever been zoom-bombed? I first heard of this when the Covid crisis hit us back in March when my son’s class got interrupted by some fun loving kids poking fun at one of their teachers.  Pretty harmless, more of annoyance than anything right?

I was blessed to experience the power of a group of amazing women united through adversity this week. I was invited to participate in Sharon Lechter’s www.AssetsAreSexy.com movement. We had 100’s of women of faith, entrepreneurship and leadership gathered together to share their genius with the world. 

Right in the midst of a lovely musical performance by the beautiful Victory Boyd, we got zoom-bombed by a group filled with hatred in their hearts, raging at us with horrible racial and anti-women slurs. Such cowardice. It’s amazing the energy that other humans put into trying to tear others down. I feel sorry for them.

Talk about the power of pivoting quickly and God showing up even more powerfully. Sharon’s team quickly moved to Facebook live and reached even more amazing people as a result of it! 

Maybe you’ve had a moment in life where you’ve felt “zoom-bombed”. You may be trying to change your life for the positive and yet feel like every step forward brings you a little step back. Don’t give into fear friends! Every day that you get a little uncomfortable means you are growing and changing. Embrace it and enjoy the wild ride! 

Wherever you are in life, if your situation is not the ideal one you pictured when you were dreaming about your future self, make a choice to change it today! I would love to help you on that journey.  We are on a mission at Lisa Williams Co, to empower, equip and inspire 1 Million people to “hire themselves”.  Come join us on our journey!  

On my own path from Corporate to Entrepreneur I did an interview series with a powerful group of people who taught me so much about their world of generosity and abundance mindset.  I had an opportunity to interview Mr. Nick Santonastasso who has overcome tremendous adversity in his life. Nick was born with no legs and one arm and is now helping his fellow full-bodied humans build momentum in their lives. Wow, shame on me for EVER making excuses in life.

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