Did you ever take the class, “What are you meant to be when you grow up?”

Me Neither!

If you are like me, you graduated high school, perhaps went to college or a trade school, graduated and started applying for jobs. If you were lucky, you landed in a role you liked well enough and started to grow and learn in your new venture.

I was blessed to land in a career of recruiting that I loved very much for a very long time.

I grew a lot in the beginning. I made a good living. I got comfortable. I was on the predictable hamster wheel of life for a very long time.

I had 19 bosses in 23 years and everyone of them had a new agenda. The politics in my firm got more complex.

I wasn’t enjoying Mondays as I once had. I was living for my weekends.

I had stopped growing and couldn’t remember the last time I learned something new.

Looking back now, I didn’t even realize how unhappy and unfulfilled I was. Thank God I got uncomfortable enough to think “Is this it? Is this all I am meant to do for the rest of my life?”

I started to explore what was next in life.

Through that exploration I discovered this amazing world of business building and entrepreneurship.

A world of abundance and generosity. A world of growth mindset and lifelong learners.

I am becoming the better version of me and helping others do the same.

Recently I did an interview series with a bunch of courageous men and women who made a leap from Corporate to Entrepreneur. I’ll be sharing my interviews with the hope one of their stories will touch your soul and give you some inspiration to grow into something new yourself!

My first guest was Daniel Gomez, who teaches us to serve the God of increase and abundance. This “confidence architect” blew me away and made me cry!
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Thank you for joining us on this journey to your better self and exploration into a new life of money and time freedom.

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