I was a good little saver and started a traditional 529 plan for my kids as soon as they were born like all the financial planners out there tell you to do. 

My oldest is a junior in college and God willing we should be able to help him graduate with zero student loan debt from the savings we set aside. 

Let’s share some facts about the 529 plan we have:

  • I lost 15% in the market in 2008…not as bad as my 401k that lost 38%, but to lose anything is rather irritating
  • I had to report the savings on our sons FAFSA application (he did NOT qualify for any aid)
  • I can ONLY use the money for college expenses
  • Had he NOT decided to go to college I would have had to pay the10% penalty on this money if I withdrew

I am grateful we are in a position to save, HOWEVER…I wish I knew then what I know NOW!

There is another fabulous alternative to a 529 plan called an IUL and I wanted to share the benefits with our tribe here at Lisa Williams Co:

  • I can NEVER lose in this savings vehicle and in fact will have a GUARANTEED return of at least .75%, even if the market tanks like it did in 2008
  • I DO NOT need to report this savings on a FAFSA application
  • I can use this money for ANYTHING I want. (I am saving for my kids wedding fund, house fund, retirement fund AND college fund now)
  • I am NOT restricted for this money to be used for college only  in the event one of my 3 kids decide not to go to college
  • I have started a PERMANENT life insurance policy for my kids
  • I have started a retirement fund for my kids with the benefit of years earlier compounded interest.

Just like technology has evolved friends, saving for college for our kiddos has evolved. If you’d like to learn more about this and other ways we teach families to own their power over money, schedule time here on Lisa’s calendar!


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