It’s the new year and if you are like most, you are happy to have 2021 behind you!  Many people start their year with a goal planning session and financial goals always fall at the top of that list.  

I’m curious if you’ve added any financial goals to your 2021 plan?  I’m Lisa Williams and we had the pleasure to meet this year either through one of your friends who are in our agent training program or you may be a personal client of mine that I met with individually or attended one of our many educational workshops.  

For those of you that gave your friend the gift of your time to participate in their agent training, I appreciate you.   It takes a lot of courage for an adult to learn a new skill and financial education is one that I think we would all agree we need but is not necessarily the easiest to talk about.  So thank you for supporting your friend in this new skill they are learning.

As with any New Year one of the most common goals families have is getting clear on their financial roadmap.  I know the Covid crisis has challenged many families to do more with less and others find themselves in a situation where they have been able to save and are now uncertain what to do with that.

I wanted to remind you of our mission here which is no family left behind and we are doing it through financial literacy.  There are a lot of ways that we can help you and your family and wanted to share those in case any of these are on your To do list for the coming year.  

We take people on a journey through our financial analysis to find their financial independence number…that’s simply a bucket of money that if you save that much by this age, you’ll be able to retire and live off the interest.  

We aren’t’ in the business of making people wealthy but we are in the business of educating people about what it takes to retire so you can live comfortably. We can help with anything under the financial services umbrella but there are 6 main areas we find most families have gaps in one form or another:

1st we help families get clear on their budget and where their money is going.  If your money doesn’t have a job it tends to disappear…just like my teenage son without a purpose, if your money doesn’t have a job it either disappears or can get you in trouble if your not careful.

We help evaluate your debt whether it’s student loan or credit card debt, we counsel you on ways to get out of debt faster and easier enabling you to eliminate debt entirely so you can save more for the future.

We help you with learning habits to establish an emergency fund to prepare for the unexpected expenses that come up in all our lives.  Imagine how different this Covid crisis would be if every family had 3-6 months of emergency fund put aside.

We show you ways to protect your families through various types of life insurance, long term care, disability insurance etc. One of my personal goals is to be one of the reasons “Go Fund me” accounts are no longer necessary in our country.  Life insurance is so very inexpensive and we want to help families protect their most important asset which is themselves!

If you have insurance already, I’m glad you do, but changes are you have the OLD kind of life insurance which only benefits your family if you pass away. The insurance of today enables you to do draw an income while you are living God forbid you get sick or injured and don’t pass away but are unable to provide for your family.  

We show you ways to build wealth and outpace inflation and it doesn’t take a lot.  You’d be surprised how little you have to save if you are consistent with that savings and how it can grow with the benefit of time and compound interest.

Who thinks taxes will be higher when they retire?  We teach about the fact that the increasing tax rates of the future has nothing to do with politics but more about the simple concept of math and in order to continue to fund the programs our country has in place, the government has no choice accept to increase taxes. Most families if they are saving at all, it’s in a tax deferred account like our 401ks of the world so we teach you how to save tax free so it doesn’t matter what taxes are doing when you retire.  

If you have seen what the market has done the last 12 years going straight up with some roller coaster dips along the way and think there may be a correction coming…we can help you protect your money for the next down turn in the market.  I lost 38% in 2008 like most families.  The things I’ve learned since then and helped my clients learn has enabled them to lose nothing in the crazy volatility of the last year.  

We can help with setting up college funds and retirement funds for your children…my 12 year has a retirement fund and the best part is she is saving tax free…I love to teach families about the “pensions” of the millennials and the million dollar baby concept.

If you are like 70% of Americans, you know you need a will or trust but you haven’t yet gotten  around to doing it.  We can help you with that as all and at a fraction of the cost that an attorney charges.  

If any of these financial goals are things that you are looking to tackle in the new year, be sure you reach out to myself or your friend that cared enough about you to share how we help families.  

My prayer for all of you is that this Covid crisis has helped you find time to pause and reflect on the important parts of life and if there’s ways we can help support you in the financial areas of your life, please let us know.

Blessings to you in the coming year ahead and I hope I get an opportunity to meet you again soon!

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