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The Lemonade Stand 2


The Lemonade Stand 2

The Lemonade Stand is a collection of true stories of courage and perseverance contributed by nineteen inspiring women.

Sometimes our biggest fears come to life—the tumor is malignant, you are going to prison, or you get that dreaded phone call in the middle of the night. When the worst kind of news arrives, it rocks your world. Finding that glimmer of hope to go on may seem impossible.

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Lisa Williams

I am an Alaska girl born and raised…yep grew up with a fishing pole in my hand!

I’m the oldest of two and have fabulous parents that poured belief in me my whole life. I left Alaska at 18 and went to school at Western Washington University.

I was born and raised Lutheran and fought my parents tooth and nail, like most kids, to go to church, but had an experience in college when I attended a retreat with my friend (thanks Lenae) and Jesus became my personal friend and confident and remains so to this day.

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