Hey beautiful friends!  I had the amazing pleasure to learn some genius tips from Lisa Copeland this week who taught us to find “Grace in Selling” and she absolutely blew me away.  The reality is that for all the advances women have made in our communities, we still live in a man’s world in business.  Lisa reminded us we don’t have to be like the men of success in your world, we can do it in our OWN, beautiful feminine way.  Men and women come with two different sets of tools and we need to embrace our toolset ladies! 

She shared an acronym for being unapologetically “FIERCE!” in a man’s world.  She broke it down simply:

F fearless, live your life fearlessly but not recklessly  

I Integrity, everything you do, make sure it’s from a place of integrity

E Emotional Intelligence, learn how to manage your emotional intelligence. 

R Relatable.  Share with others and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

C Common sense…use it friends!

E Empathy.  Always have empathy for others.

Give yourself permission to succeed ladies. You were chosen for greatness and God doesn’t create junk!  

I had the blessing to interview an amazing woman of faith who walks with Grace and Purpose in her business. My friend Joy Robles started her career in a male dominated industry almost 20 years ago. Starting her career as an Administrative Assistant she was promoted a year later to Sales. Joy went through things that challenged her insecurities and caused her to find her inner strength. After being trained in sales, negotiations, tactical analysis she grew to become one of the top salespeople in her company. She received the award for the Millionaires Club for earning millions in sales. The award was an eagle which people have called her the eagle lady. 

She is now a Sales and Confidence coach with her mission to “empower women to be the voice and not the echo”. Joy wants to see women soar like an eagle because that’s where you have the greatest view.

Listen here

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