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Do you have LAZY Assets?  Do you make money while you sleep?  Do you have more than one income stream?  Is your money working FOR you or AGAINST you?  These were all questions my mentor asked me when I first started working with him just a short 2 ½ years ago.  

The answer was I definitely had lazy assets, I had only 1 income stream and my money was NOT working for me in the best way it could.  Fast forward to preparing my taxes for the year end 2021 and I have 7 income streams and am in the works to add at least 4 more in 2021. 

Have you heard of the 4 cash flow quadrants?  I had heard of them before but can’t say I truly understood them until I immersed myself in this amazing world of entrepreneurship.  


Employee – trading your time for money

Self Employed – 90% of small business owners really own a job

Business System Owner – you own a system (Think McDonald’s Franchise owner)

Investor – Your money works for you while you sleep

Which one are you in?  I was an employee for 27 years.  I did well, I am in the top 10% of earners in the US…but guess what?  Corporate owned my life and ALL my income was in that basket. 

There are so many ways to make money for our families. Franchises, network marketing, direct selling, affiliate marketing…the list goes on. My prayer is that you don’t intend to stay in that employee category as your ONLY source of income.

If you need help with that, please reach out to me!  Our company offers so many ways to earn additional income, we are losing count!

I had an opportunity to learn from a lovely new friend this week, Christin Kingsbury. Christin Kingsbury is the CEO of Get Some Assets and a living example of how real estate investing can move people from average to abundance. Her company changes your thinking and builds fortunes through training, consulting, connecting and investment opportunities, empowering you to build wealth that impacts generations.

Enjoy our conversation!

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