Hey friends,

I hope you are finding ways to not just survive but thrive going into our 7 month of Covid crisis.  Who would ever have dreamed we would be living this life so long?  Our house is settling into our “next normal” with our youngest back to school a few days a week and my hubby and I figuring out our new jobs as parents, spouse, teacher, business owner…the list goes on!  

I’m curious what you personally are doing to help and protect YOUR family in this crisis? A lot of families feel as though they are living in their own private war zone. I am praying for all of you.  I know one thing for sure…in my many times in life where I have felt I can’t see a way out of my crisis I am in, when I stay faithful, I find peace.  Have you ever considered the thought that “through every adversity comes the seeds of an even greater blessing?”  

I find so many families have all their income in one basket and I love the fact that my business enables families to diversify using the skills they already have.  I had an opportunity to meet an amazing women this past week…a new friend that is the epitome of multiple income streams, diversification and reinvention!  

Kim Tuon-Mennella is a survivor of a Genocide war and Domestic violence. As the Founder and CEO of Jorani Solutions and SuccessGineer, Kim is an innovator who views life’s struggles as stepping stones to build continuous success and believes that the surefire way to predict your future is to invent it or transform it.

Enjoy our conversation!

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