“We exist to aid you in exploring the perfect side gig for you”

Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

A Lisa Williams Co.

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Who Are We?

We are a passionate group of out-of- the-box thinkers who help those enslaved by corporate America escape and break free.

Founded by myself, Lisa Williams, we have quickly become a lifesaver to those struggling to find meaning and purpose in their careers.

It’s my mission to help the unfulfilled create a new path and reach the ultimate status as a Dream Achiever

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What Do We Do?

My team and I take you on a journey through the various business pursuits we represent enabling you to identify a side gig that will fit your interests, passions and skills.

Our company is hooked into a robust network of entrepreneurs, companies, and opportunities that are sure to give you the escape from the corporate world that you’re looking for.

The business pursuits vary widely. Being in recruiting as long as I have, the business pursuits were carefully chosen based on the laws of supply and demand. They are all providing a product or service that the consumer wants and/or needs in growing industries.




Learn how to shift your mindset from employee to entrepreneur.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is 10% skill set and 90% mindset. We spend hours every week learning from the peak performance experts across the world and share that knowledge directly with you. Join the group of entrepreneurs that are investing time in themselves every day to create the mental stamina needed to pursue their dreams. Every week you can share in the genius of others and new business pursuits we are exploring.