Our Mission & Why

Learn more about our mission statement and company values, as well as our promise to our clients.

We believe in stepping into our God-gifted roles.

Faith, Family, Finance and Philanthopy!  These are the pillars of our firm.  We are on a mission to create a group of “7 figure givers”.  We will empower, equip and inspire 1 million people to “hire themselves” by embracing the principles of entrepreneurship and teaching them to move their way around the cashflow quadrant (Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad!).  We are partners with Think & Grow Rich the Legacy producers and teach people to embrace these principles to grow and build their legacy.

This country was not discovered so we could all be a bunch of employees and live paycheck to paycheck!  Our tribe is locking arms together on a  lifelong journey of growing into the person God intended for us to be.  We believe more money needs to be generated by good people doing good things.  We must generate to be generous friends!  

Our firm is dedicated to the memory of my mom, Sue Wiese, and my dearest friend, Elizabeth Meier.

I lost both of them to a horrible battle to cancer in the span of 10 months in 2019/2020.  These were two of the most inspiring and God loving women on the planet.  They lived their lives with purpose, a heart for serving others and were lifelong learners until the day they went to heaven.

I won’t know until I am up there with them why they are no longer with us, but I will make sure that I live the rest of my life with intention, purpose and discovery. I will grow into the woman I was meant to become and my prayer is that our company can help others do the same!  Save some extra-dry Cooks champagne for me girls!

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Who We Are

We are a passionate group of out-of- the-box thinkers moving our way around the cash flow quadrant from employee & small business owner to business builder with multiple income streams. 

We help those limited by one income escape and break free! We are lifesavers to those struggling to find meaning and purpose in their careers. Who want to embrace their power with money and pursue the world of entrepreneurship. 

It’s our mission to help the unfulfilled, create a new path and reach the ultimate status as Dream Achiever

How We Help

We believe in giving people the tools to DREAM BIGGER.

Join us as we take you on an exploration into your ideal virtual home based business.  Our programs will introduce you to the many business pursuits we represent on our virtual marketplace and help you identify a home based business that will fit your interests, passions and skills. 

Our robust network of entrepreneurs will provide a tribe of support in your entrepreneurial journey.  Warren Buffet says it best…”do what you love for a hobby, but do what there is a need for as a business.” 

Our business pursuits have been carefully chosen with the laws of supply & demand in mind!  They are all providing a product or service the consumer wants and/or needs in growing industries.  They also all provide PASSIVE RESIDUAL INCOME options! 

Launch Your
Dream Business

Let’s Hear from
Happy Clients

“Lisa offers so much knowledge and is genuine. What I can say about Lisa is she puts 110% in everything that she does and is passionate about her career helping others. She is a very honest and trustworthy partner that will not let you down. I would highly recommend her for any type of position that deals with building relationships and match people with amazing opportunities.”

Victoria Potter

Victoria Potter


In my professional career, I’ve never met anyone who’s as dedicated to their career and respected by their peers as Lisa Williams is. She sets the bar high when it comes to performing in any aspect of sales & recruiting while serving as leader to others. I’ve experienced tremendous growth as a professional recruiter and individual as a result of her mentorship and when I think of leadership I think of Lisa as she is the epitome of leadership and entrepreneurship, I’d follow her lead in all aspects of life.”

Thomas Simmons

Thomas Simmons


Lisa Wiese Williams, you are AMAZING. Not only are you an wonderful mentor but a WEALTH mentor! You are great at teaching and educating individuals on money and finance. I also admire your mission to help women pay themselves first. I just love all of your coaching! Thank you so much! Can’t wait for our next call!”

Maria Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez


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