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8 Ways To Unleash Your Entrepreneur Success Mindset

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You have taken that brave leap and started your own business. You have found what you are destined to do!Now the hard part…breaking the chains of your employee mindset! This process has been the hardest but most rewarding part of my entrepreneurial journey so far. I have to work at it every day. I ask myself every morning…Would I want to follow me right now? If people do what I do would they win at the highest level? 

  1. Do it First – don’t ask your team to do something you are not doing 
  2. Be clear about your Vision and share it often with your team – make sure it’s big enough to fit their dreams in too
  3. Character – Strong, powerful and cares absolutely – say it, mean it, deliver it
  4. Be the most dependable and accountable “Team over me”
  5. Attitude – positive and smile a lot! If you aren’t good at these things, get around people that are and learn! 
  6. Personality – giving and unselfish. Be willing to lose and give 1st before you will receive
  7. Reputation and Integrity – reputation is a blank sheet when you start. Don’t tarnish it. The softest pillow in the world is a clear conscious! 
  8. Create good money rules. Be generous – givers gain

If you’re ready to break the employee mindset and step fully into your entrepreneurial dreams, you are in the right place! Here at Lisa Williams Co, we work together to reach financial freedom on our journey as entrepreneurs.

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Each week, I get to talk to a fellow entrepreneur about their experience in this world. This week on the Dream Big Nation podcast I’m talking to Dr. Wendy Labat. Not only is she a brilliant entrepreneur, but she is helping families reach financial freedom, one of my greatest passions!

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Tune into this episode here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1293983
Or watch our conversation here:https://youtu.be/hU-89YypfTA

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Blessings to you in this amazing life journey and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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