Do you know the 3 principles to building wealth?  There are actually quite a few more principles but if you were on an episode of “The Family Feud” and were looking for the TOP 3 principles, you’d find the following:

Principle # 1 – Rate of Return – Do you really understand the rate of return you are getting? Have you ever heard of the Rule of 72?  We consider it the 8th wonder of the world.  Discovered by Einstein…someone way smarter than me!  This rule is simple and simply put, you take 72 and divide by the interest you are getting and that’s how long it takes to double your money.  So let’s say the average family is saving in a bank account getting on average .01%.  72 divided by .01 is 7200.  It’s taking American families 7200 year to double their money!  And yet where do the banks put your money?  They invest it and loan it right back to you.  They lend it to us with our mortgages, our car loans, and the worst loan of all…that little rectangular loan in the form of a credit card!  Think about the average interest on a credit card…let’s say 20%.  72 divided by 20 is 3.6. So the banks are doubling their money every 3.6 years on average and yet American families are doubling their money every 7200 years!  Do you see the problem?

Principle #2 – Managing your risk.  We teach the principles of Warren Buffet who is considered one of the most successful money managers on the planet.  He has two rules…rule #1, never lose your money, rule #2, refer to rule number 2.  So HOW do you manage your risk?  We teach a strategy called indexing.  Indexing mirrors the market but is not IN the market. It has a floor and a cap. When the market goes up, your investment goes up, but when the market goes down, your investment goes sideways.  You can never lose using an indexing strategy.  Over a 20 year historical average, using an indexing strategy to your investments beats the S&P 500 by almost double. There is tremendous power in never losing!

Principle #3 – The ramifications of tax in the future.  Do you think taxes will be higher or lower when you retire?  It has nothing to do with politics by the way.  It has to do with a simple 4 letter word, which is MATH!  Our country is in such tremendous debt and we have so many federal programs like social security and medicare that we are obligated to fund that there is no possible solution but for the federal government to increase taxes.  Why is that important? Because if you are saving, you are most likely saving in a tax deferred account like a 401k, 403b, an IRA etc.  You have paid no taxes on this money yet and therefore you will be paying the income tax on that money when you retire 20-30 years down the road. What if taxes are double when you retire?  

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