The Generosity Project was a massive success and 17 people hired themselves!  Couldn’t make it, no problem…see attached replay and consider hiring yourself and support an amazing cause at the same time! 

The first half of the day:

The second of the day:

The content was incredible and those that are implementing these steps will be in an entirely different position financially and mentally in 90 days as a result.

Sharon Lechter – Multiple Streams of income

Loral Langemeir – Your Financial Infrastructure

Carey Conley – Build your Vision

Christy Bouldware – Busting burnout, how to know and what to do

Janine Finney – Everything you’ve always wanted to know about network marketing but were afraid to ask

Jen Morilla – How to launch online businesses and engage social media to help you

Lisa Williams – Financial Growth and business builder mindset

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We are on a mission to empower, equip, and inspire
1 million people to hire themselves!

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